The overall goal of the program is to build relationships and partnerships with individuals who genuinely are interested in our contents and services.

Each ambassador will have the possibility to publish in his/her NFT gallery art pieces representing Kitsune Inu ASA and will consequently be republished on our official social profiles to gain visibility.

As part of our charity program the team will particularly focus its attention on low income countries where artists might need an initial investment in order to start NFT activities that the team could finance.

Official Kitsune Inu ASA: Nigeria Ambassador 

AB2 Gallery: Smart Fox – KITSU Nigeria

Algogems: SmartFoxKITSUNigeria

Smart, Resilient, and tech enthusiast

Official Kitsune Inu ASA: Italy Ambassador 

Store Gallery: Items Store – KITSU Italy

Algogems: Kitsu Italy

A Tribute Collection for the amazing environment that friends from Kitsune Inu Asa are building up

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